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A game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it.

These are their stories.


Mission Report 07: The Funeral of Saint Gertrude

Jan 23, 2019

This Mission Report comes from the Cenotaph stream campaign.

BRIEFING: The state funeral for Saint Gertrude in Blessed Harbour. Two of your pilots are to be pallbearers.

EMPLOYER: Bishop Finmal (tier 1W; Church of the Celestial Myriad) is attending and desires The Cenotaph as escorts.

TARGET: The Wrights of the Ascent (tier 1W; Church of the Celestial Myriad)

OBJECTIVE: to get the Wrights excommunicated. To protect the Bishop.

ROE: No initiating violence, no explosive/chemical/biological weapons

COMPLICATION: The information that Gertrude found is being handed off to someone (The location of the Sovereignty Engine’s designers in the Broken Bank). One of the squad's Rivals is in charge of security AND is a pallbearer for Saint Gertrude. Senior Kin Arrow Slide of the Wrights of the Ascent is present as a pallbearer. The pallbearers must have their vehicles march alongside them as an honor guard while they carry Saint Gertrude's coffin. The Wrights are in charge of checking the honor guard vehicles and have subtly messed with the Squad's vehicles. Casil Kim wants to maneuver at least one of the Pilots into collecting intel for the Beath of Faith. The Wrights want the squad to make fools of themselves in this very public event.


  • Bishop Veritas Finmal. 30s, pale blue short curly hair. Dark skin, stocky build. He/him.

  • Senior Kin Arrow Slide. Frail build, sickly, 40s, bald, pale white skin. He/him.

  • One of your pilots' Rivals.

  • Casil Kim: Breath of Faith (tier 3W; Church of the Celestial Myriad) agent. 40s, salt and pepper shoulder length hair pulled back into a bun. Bronze skin. They/them.


  • Casil Kim will try to intimidate one of the pilots into working for them.

  • The Wrights will mess with the Squad's vehicles.

  • The pallbearers must figure out a way for the vehicles to move while carrying Gertrude's coffin.

  • Dealing with the Rival in charge of security.

  • The Wrights will try to embarrass the Pilots.