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A game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it.

These are their stories.


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Mission Report 04: A Simple Delivery

Nov 28, 2018

This is the second mission from Bea, Saber: The Cenotaph. Demon and Dredge took on this mission, while Pitchfork and Tower were attacking The Burden's safe house in Kingstown.

BRIEFING: LT Col Walsh Johnson of the Democratic Federated Systems (DFS) needs the squad to transport some bodies from Journey City to Fort Jovanol. The bodies are Jovangellian military personnel that have come to be in the care of the DFS. The squad will act as a neutral third party to deliver the dead back to their home as an act of good will from the DFS. Also there will be a DFS camera crew accompanying them to record the occasion.

EMPLOYER: 3rd Public Connection (Tier 2S; DFS) via LT Col Johnson.

TARGET: The Wolf Pack (tier 2S; Jovangellian Empire)

OBJECTIVE: deliver bodies to Fort Jovanol. Secondary objective is to protect the camera crew.

ROE: NO threatening, or employing force against civilians; NO firing upon or presenting as a clearly marked medical transport or facility;

COMPLICATION: the bodies are full of explosives. A camera crew of 6 people will be accompanying the squad in an APC to get footage of the honourable delivery. There are Dark Room operatives amongst the camera crew. The Wrights of the Ascent are trying to stop the delivery because they have heard that it's a Dark Room operation, but they don't know about the players' squad acting as escort. The Wolf Pack are suspicious of the squad, which distracts their attention from the camera crew.


  • Maria Houston, she/her. Host of the show "Your World: Izya." Early 30s, coppery skin, sharp features, slim body, shoulder length black hair, wears a business suit.
  • Frill Sobey, they/them. Leader of the Dark Room operatives embedded in the "Your World: Izya" camera crew. Late 30s, ochre skin, tired features, strong body, short undercut black hair, wears a maroon windbreaker and jeans.
  • Dr. Here Massage, he/him. Mortician for Fort Jovanol. Late 40s, white skin, soft features, full body, short balding brown hair, wears a lab coat over military fatigues.
  • Kin Marwa, she/her. Leader of the Wrights of the Ascent fire team sent to intercept the corpses. Mid 20s, tan skin, wide features, stocky body, red hair in a bun, wears pilot coveralls.


  • Keeping the camera crew safe.
  • The bodies could be explosively volatile.
  • The Wrights of the Ascent will try to destroy the convoy.
  • The Dark Room operatives will try to deliver the corpses at all costs.
  • The Wolf Pack distrust the squad and their actions. May become hostile.