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A game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it.

These are their stories.


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Mission Report 17 - Hot Landing

Feb 20, 2020

This mission has been kicking around my head for a while because I've always wanted to start a mission with an air drop. So why not make that drop the ENTIRE MISSION?



We’ve predicted that in a few days a gap is going to appear in the orbital debris field for a little under an hour. We’ve lined up some atmospheric cargo shuttles to make the run, but our intel suggests that the <45th Drop Troops/Sliver Of Civility Trading Company> [Choose the squad that is most appropriate for your game] are doing the same, so we need you to provide escort on short notice. We've arranged for you and your AWVs to take a ride up the Tower to rendezvous with our cargo shuttles. 

As this is an orbital drop we’re providing your AWVs with a disposable Drop Kit. This includes maneuvering thrusters, deployable heat shielding, and an AWV parachute. The kit’s ugly and awkward, but it’ll help you survive the mission. If your AWV is already capable of airborne maneuvering, feel free to jettison the Kit after you’ve used its heat shielding to protect you from atmospheric re-entry.


The Breath of Faith [Tier 3W]: The Faith's personal agents. How they are chosen is secret. They are the few that can guarantee meetings with The Faith. GOAL: to ensure that the new ruler will continue The Faith's goals.


99th Intelligence Corps [Tier 1S]: A group of spies, hackers, and infiltrators. GOAL: to supply allies with actionable intelligence.


45th Drop Troops [Tier 1W]: Dedicated airborne and orbital drop troops that are sorely under supplied. GOAL: Regain the ability to perform regular drop actions.


Sliver Of Civility Trading Company [Tier 1S]: Openly a trading company, but they are also known to be smugglers. GOAL: to get rich through il/legal deliveries.


Get the Cargo Shuttles safely to Hulinton.


  • Deny the Target the cargo that they are escorting.
  • Get the cargo shuttles to Hulinton undamaged. 


  • Don’t damage the Tower.
  • Don’t damage Hulinton when you arrive.


  • Holdmates: The Target and their AWVs are on the same Tower trip as the pilots, and are even in the same cargo hold! The trip is neutral territory, and any trouble will cause problems for perpetrators’ superiors.
  • The Sword Wing: the ace Norrish airborne squad learns about the debris gap, but too late to arrange a cargo drop. Instead they are on station to shoot down any enemy vehicles trying to take advantage of the gap.
  • The Heard’s AA battery: Seeing the Sword Wing approach Jovangellian territory has put the Heard on high alert. They’ve brought out their anti-aircraft weapons to deal with any non-Jovangellian airborne units.


  • Sister Sabin Hayabusa (she/her): Myriad cargo shuttle pilot. Brown skin, scarred face, Cold eyes, Military hair, Skinny body, Formal garb.
  • Lieutenant Katriel Cruz (she/her): 45th Drop Troops officer. White skin, rugged face, Trusting eyes, Punk hair, Voluptuous body, Military garb.
  • Transport Lead Euclidean Calamity (they/them): Sliver of Civility supervisor. Dark skin, beautiful face, Cold eyes, Poofy hair, Voluptuous body, Formal garb.
  • Baron Vicario Naan (he/him): Sword Wing ace. Light brown skin, Rugged face, Uncertain eyes, Slick hair, Voluptuous body, Ornate garb.
  • Captain Ohio Garden (they/them): Heard commander. Brown skin, young face, Uncertain eyes, Military hair, Skinny body, Ornate garb.


  • The Drop Kit: This piece of Vehicle gear is comprised of 3 parts: Maneuvering thrusters, heat shielding, and an AWV parachute. Each part is 1 Load and can be voluntarily jettisoned at any time. This is in addition to a Vehicle’s normal Load, so every Vehicle will count as a heavier Load rating with the changes to fictional positioning to match. For example most Light Vehicles (normally Load 3) will count as Heavy (Load 6) while equipped with all 3 parts of the Drop Kit, and Medium (Load 5) after 1 or 2 have been jettisoned.
  • The Cargo Shuttles: unarmed, and clumsy the only thing going for them is that they are rugged. The 3 of them could probably get through the debris field on their own, but with the possibility of enemy interference, they absolutely need an escort. Their health should be represented by a 6 tick clock, and with every two ticks filled, one of them is destroyed.
  • 45th Drop Troops: This squad has been tasked with essentially the same role as the pilots, but they are specifically trained and equipped for the mission. They will fight hard to succeed so that they receive the supplies they need to do the job they were trained for.
  • Sliver of Civility Trading Trading Company: This squad has brought their own tricked out smuggler shuttles to get their Faction’s supplies to the ground safely. This is what they do, and they are very good at it.
  • The Debris Field Gap: The debris field that surrounds the “Earth” is a hazard to anything that tries to exist in the same vicinity. The gaps that form aren’t completely empty, but are clear enough for vehicles to pass through at risk.
  • Atmospheric re-entry: Once the Debris Field is cleared, the Squad and Cargo Shuttles will hit atmosphere and begin to heat up. This causes Level 3 Damage “Fried.” The Heat Shielding will negate this when deployed, but armor and resisting can be used as normal.