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A game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it.

These are their stories.


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Mission Report 08: Elreth's Angels

Apr 12, 2019

This Mission Report is provided by Pteroid, a member of the Beam Saber community and discord server!

Briefing: Infamous mercenary, Vittorio Indigo, has been sighted on Izya along with their custom AWV The Fafnir. Publicly disavowed by the governing bodies of all five factions, their current employers are rumored to be a dangerous fringe sect of the Cult of Earth Lost, for purposes almost assuredly to do with their ongoing feud with the Cult of Earth Found. All this is of little matter to Lady Elreth, who wishes to test the might of Starfall against Indigo’s Fafnir, but she requires help ferreting out this opponent from where their handlers are hiding them.

Employer: Lady Elreth (tier III-S Oligarchy) represented by Lady Elreth. She is called the “Goddess of War and Death."    She wanders the battlefields in her absurdly dangerous mech Starfall    wiping    out entire fire teams herself.    GOAL:    To fight    worthy  opponents. Lady Elreth’s appearance and disposition is entirely subject to the take the GM has on her, depending on the tone of the campaign she could be anywhere from a bloodthirsty berserker to a noble duelist. It is entirely possible and probable that she has a liaison within the Council to handle the diplomatic end of her continued operations.

Target: The Cult of Earth Lost (tier II-W Theocracy). A splinter sect of the Cult has employed Vittorio to perform a full assault on a suspected vault of ‘Heretical Texts’ (read: documents that support the planet being Earth) being kept by the Cult of Earth Found in order to ensure they do not sway more minds to their position. They are currently keeping him in a secured outpost close to the Norrish Border following a close call with Elreth. They’re preparing to smuggle him further into Myriad territory for his mission while using spotters to keep an eye on Elreth’s movements.

Objective: Force Indigo into a confrontation with Lady Elreth.

ROE: No significant damage is to come to The Fafnir before its confrontation with Starfall, same with Indigo, non-combatants are not to be intentionally put in harm’s wa


  • The Cult of Earth Found are planning a preemptive strike against their Lost rivals.
  • The outpost is located in close proximity to a small peaceful settlement, if goaded or angered, Indigo will not care about their wellbeing in their pursuit of victory.
  • A herd of local fauna are grazing near to the outpost, easily spooked and loud when they are, possibly brooking investigation by the guards.
  • The sect involved in this plan are extremely familiar with one another, making deception difficult without inside knowledge of Cult protocol.
  • Heather Passerines is filming an episode in town, her lack of tact and intrusive crew have made the locals less than cooperative to outsiders.
  • Involvement of another squad who prefer killing Indigo and sabotaging the mech rather than Elreth’s pitched battle approach (preferably one relevant to the campaign).
  • The Fafnir itself, an AWV of the long-considered extinct ‘Carthage’ line of ‘Biome Denial’ AWVs. Nicknamed ‘Walking War Crimes’, the sheer gruesomeness of its main flame-based/enhanced armaments led to not even the Empire being willing to field equivalent units due to the bad PR.


  • Brother Jeremiah Gargano, Earth Lost Demagogue and Sect Leader. Skinny build, early 40’s, pale complexion, bald head. Semi-(in)famous for his public loss of composure in a debate with a rival from Earth Found, wears dark robes symbolic of the space mankind must traverse to find its birthplace. He/Him
  • Vittorio Indigo, Mercenary and War Criminal. Bulky build, mid 30’s, tan complexion, wild hair, numerous scars. Possible involvement in one or more pilot’s tragedies, wears a jumpsuit under a bomber jacket. They/Them
  • Jerve Friede, Assistant to Ms. Passerines. Gangly build, late teens, dark complexion, trendy haircut. Knew a pilot when he was younger (if they are from Journey City), wears Passerine merch from head to toe (not by choice). He/Him
  • Qiren Vask, Earth Found Scout. Medium build, early 20’s, East Asian ethnicity, shaved head. May be convinced to cooperate with squad to avoid open war with Earth Lost. She/Her


  • Earth Lost Cultists (Defeating, Evading, Or Deceiving Them)
  • Skittish/Noisy Local Fauna
  • Distrustful Locals
  • Evading Heather Passerines’ Interest
  • A Player’s Rival Is Trying To Kill/Assigned To Protect Indigo
  • Earth Found Strike Force
  • Potential Assassination Of Indigo
  • Aggroing Indigo And Fafnir
  • Not Substantially Damaging Indigo And/Or Fafnir
  • Ensuring The Safety Of The Locals