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A game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it.

These are their stories.


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Mission Report 16 - Champagne Wishes, Caviar Nightmares

Nov 14, 2019

This Mission Report is provided by Proxy Tango, a member of the Beam Saber community and discord server!

Briefing: Exodus Republic Incorporated’s frenzy for all things authentically Earthling Animalia is continuing unabated and the great chain of subcontracts has produced a new job from on high: Sliver of Civility Trading Co. has lucked into ‘acquiring’ a shipment of eggs from some deep sea lifeform bound for a Norrish wildlife preserve at Vigor Port which they’re certain will make for great caviar to sell to the idle rich of the core worlds. The problem is the theft has infuriated the Nor and The Sword Wing have been dispatched to hunt down the smugglers’ ship and reclaim the precious cargo, catching up with them northwest of Point View and forcing Sliver of Civility to contact you for help. Either save the crew or take the cargo into more capable hands, as long as it makes it to the company’s base they’ll call it a win.


Employer: Sliver of Civility Trading Co. (Tier I-S, Corporatocracy)


Target: The Sword Wing (Tier II-S, Oligarchy)


Objective: Ensure delivery of Sliver of Civility’s Caviar to their secret base near Yrvan, Secondary: Save the crew of the company’s ship.


ROE: No harm is to come to the product, no openly firing on the crewmen (bad for recruitment), no approaching the base with enemy combatants within sensor range, Path Cascade is to be shot on sight.



  • The Sword Wing forces consist of a squadron of five Nebula Neon pursuit craft equipped with mobility suites and directed energy weapons.
  • The Sword Wing are actually running recon/interference for a team of Discreet Resolutions (Tier II-W, Oligarchy) operatives to board the ship via a helicopter and neutralize the SoC crew to secure the eggs.
    • If the DR operatives succeed in killing the crew but are stopped from getting the eggs, a squad member will need to either declare cargo space in their vehicle or take control of the ship itself using the Temporary Vehicle rules. The ship has a six step durability clock which will result in the destruction of the ship when filled.
  • Among the SoC crew is a Celestial Myriad scientist by the name of Sister Chigusa who drew their attention to the shipment, claiming they were eggs belonging to a ‘Demon of the Deep’ that the Followers of Saint Atrose have sought to render extinct for some time due to its resemblance to a monster of their scriptures. She’s been warning the crew for some time now that taking the cargo over sea has allowed the creature to follow them in order to reclaim its young but her warnings have gone unheeded.
    • The creature, a bioluminescent beast resembling a mix between an angler fish and a squid is twice as large as two Heavy load mechs and is an apex predator in the water. It will attempt to use its tentacles to drag the ship down below the ocean and will attack any AWV that interferes.
    • The Nor will immediately begin making overtures to take the eggs and guide the creature away from the ship to spare the crew and squad. If questioned they will claim they were luring the creature to Vigor Port in order to keep it from being wiped out by the Followers. Chigusa will counter the creature being in captivity would give Norrish researchers no shortage of biological samples to experiment on and they are not to be trusted.
    • The creature can be placated at any time by dumping its eggs in the ocean but this will incur status penalties with all squads involved.
    • If the creature is defeated in battle, the SoC crew will try and tow it behind their ship to be butchered into another delicacy for the ExInc upper echelons, slowing the ship and necessitating combat with the Sword Wing if they have not already been dealt with.
  • The eggs, kept in tanks on the ship, have been accidentally made warm enough to simulate their natural incubation environment and several have hatched into a larval state that will seek to break free from the tanks and escape into the ocean. One larvae is easily dispatched but in groups they can overwhelm an adult human rather easily and Sister Chigusa will attempt to kill them by herself if left unattended. How killing larvae affects the ROE is up to GM discretion.
  • The DFS’ 42nd Naval Group have found themselves incapable of catching all instances of smuggling and piracy in their waters so they’ve set up an aquatic minefield in suspected smuggling lanes that the SoC ship’s crew is unaware of.
    • Having the ship go around the field will lengthen the trip and give the Nor forces more time to complete their operations if they haven’t already been dealt with.
    • Getting past the mines is an eight step clock, track the ship’s durability with the same six step clock you would use for the Squad piloting it as a Temporary Vehicle.


  • Strega August, Sliver of Civility representative, He/Him, late 30’s, Eastern European features, red ponytail with pink streaks, immaculate SoC company coveralls. Cousins with the captain of the SoC ship, but is clearly more interested in the profits from the eggs.
  • Captain Zen Benediction, Captain of the SoC smuggling vessel, She/Her, early 50’s, African features, short cut black hair, slightly disheveled SoC Captain’s uniform. Extremely tired and on edge from dealing with the Sword Wing’s pursuit and Sister Chigusa’s badgering.
  • Sister Chigusa, Myriad scientist in service to the Followers of Saint Atrose, She/Her, mid 20’s, South Asian features, silver shoulder length bob haircut, dark blue myriad robes covered in St. Atrose iconography. Sees the SoC’s smuggling of eggs as a means to an end as the Followers have been attempting to hunt the species to extinction for their resemblance to a mythological monster. She’s on the ship to ensure the Followers’ get their PR win by ensuring the species’ extinction.
  • Soldier-Class Citizen Ares “Hornet” Chains, Sword Wing Squadron Leader, They/Them, mid 30’s, African features, bronze-colored military haircut, Norrish Soldier-Class jumpsuit. Seeks the recognition retrieving the eggs for the preserve will grant him.
  • Specialist Relanan Riccaboni, Discreet Resolutions team lead, She/Her, early 30’s, olive skin, curly brown hair, jet black stealth suit. Mercenary from outside Norrish space, has a reciprocated low opinion of Ares.



  • The Sword Wing squadron assaulting the ship with their four aerial AWV’s.
  • Discreet Resolutions team performing a covert sweep and clear of the ship.
  • The Sea Creature attacking to reclaim its eggs.
  • Eggs hatching and larvae attempting to escape into the sea.
  • The DFS aquatic minefield slowing or possibly destroying the ship.