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A game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it.

These are their stories.


How To Submit A Mission Report

Jul 21, 2019

If you are interested in having a mission of your design featured on the Beam Saber Blog it must fit the following criteria.

  1. Include the name under which you want to be credited and one link you would like to have associated with your name.
  2. A BRIEFING: This is the basic information that the Pilots are given when they...

Mission Report 09: Enforced Detour

Jul 21, 2019

This Mission Report comes from the Cenotaph stream campaign.

BRIEFING: Two large transport vehicles are heading from Journey City to Fort Jovanol. They need to be redirected to Hulinton. The Heard are providing security with a single AWV, a coyote artillery mech. 

EMPLOYER: The Breath of Faith (Tier 3S), represented by...

Mission Report 08: Elreth's Angels

Apr 12, 2019

This Mission Report is provided by Pteroid, a member of the Beam Saber community and discord server!

Briefing: Infamous mercenary, Vittorio Indigo, has been sighted on Izya along with their custom AWV The Fafnir. Publicly disavowed by the governing bodies of all five factions, their current employers are rumored to be a...

Beam Saber V0.4 is now avialable!

Feb 19, 2019

The newest version of Beam Saber is here! 

From now on Beam Saber will be $10, but if you buy now you'll get all the game updates until I start adding art. I am doing this so that I can start hiring artists, editors, sensitivity readers, and layout designers, and because Beam Saber is 60k words, and a year in the...